We’ve past the halfway point. 

I’ve been blogging very little. 

A ‘therefore’ wouldn’t go amiss somewhere in the above. 


I have learnt a lot over these past weeks. I’ve learn bits and bobs, snatches of insight. 

We’ve settled into a routine. 

A ‘but’ wouldn’t go amiss somewhere in the above. 


But it has been named now, called out. Therefore I can do something about it.


Correcting an omission

There isn’t enough- not nearly enough- to be found here on the beneficiaries of Moucecore’s work. 


This is where we (well, other members of the group) have begun to post the stories of the people we’ve met. 

Please pray for both communities. Pray that both would continue to expand and that younger generations would be inspired by the work of the co-operatives and get involved (the leaders of Gatsibo cited this as a request in particular). 

Pray that their stories and the stories of others like them would reach people and that it would encourage and provoke as God wills.